Our Projects

Orphanage Center

The organization plans to secure a fund of that will be used to support the orphanage operation and education.  We also will bring in to our center more orphans who parents have ignored and failed to raise them.  We want to take care of them, raise them up to be good citizens who will receive the right knowledges to make contribution back to their communities and society at large.

Our hope is to have kind donors who will contribute monthly to our Orphanage Care and Educational programs. Our needs for the center will be but not limited to:

  • Daily care
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Meal Plans
  • Accommodations

Clean and Safe Water

Safe and readily available water is important for community health. We plan to set up a system to purify water to provide clean and safe water to people in village 76 located in Kampong Speu province. So far, by drinking unclean water causes major health problems and illnesses as well as dead at middle ages in that area.

Our first priority project is that we want to provide clean and safe water for people in the community of 76 in Kampong Speu to drink.

Community Farming - Khmer Kibbutz Farming

We plan to improve the living standard of communities in Cambodia. We are working to help a community in Kampong Speu for Moringa plantation project and quail community farm under one umbrella community branding called Khmer Kibbutz, an adoption of the Israeli model and concept.

Leadership Guidance

In fulfilling our goal of creating change agents, the foundation will partner with organizations that share our core values and host or attend seminars or other training programs to facilitate this development of leaders. We will establish a Leadership Guidance Program that will train, teach, create and inspire individuals who affect tangible change in their local communities and communities around the world. The Leadership Guidance Program (LGP) will involve one-day to three-day seminars (training events) in cities around the world focusing on leadership and personal development and economic empowerment for women and men of all ages.

LGP will have forums and panels with international trailblazers such as social activists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, including the foundation’s board of directors and advisory board members. Leaders will encourage and inspire attendees to discover their purpose and maximize their greatest potential. This exchange of ideas and networking opportunity will lay the foundation for improved personal development and sustainability.

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