About Us

About Us

The organisation was established in 2019 to focus on orphanage center and education, providing clean and safe water to people to use and drink, as well as building community farming improve their community living standard.                                                          


In 2015, after seeing many poor children and orphans in Cambodia begging for money on streets in Phnom Penh city and picking up left over foods in a dumpsite area in Phnom Penh, Helena and Pierre Chan have a passion to make a change of their lives, and have shown their love to the children via providing nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and fresh bread. Seeing them fed and hunger for knowledge, we bring in a team to teach them every Sunday, slowly we set up a Sunday school in a community in Kampong Speu.

Our Vision

As visionaries, we want see a total transformed Cambodian young generations who will stand up to lead their areas and develop their communities.

Our Mission

We are building up young generations in Cambodia by giving them a hope to lead their gifted areas and use their gifts to develop their communities. So we adopts orphans, provide education, provide clean and safe water and build community farming.

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